Monday, July 30, 2012

Blue, white and a little more blue

Boy howdy, it's been a long and trying week. The husband is still out of commission.

That's a whole week! Since we work together, and he's been unable to do anything for himself, neither of us have been working. Of course, we work with some of the best peeps on the planet and they've covered our sorry arses, but this whole scene is getting really old.

I'm in a cranky, selfish mood and I want chocolate. Lots. Of. Chocolate.

Anyhoos, these blue and white glass bobby pins just went up in my shop. Perfect for your next woodland frolic!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The old grey mare, he ain't what he used to be...

I know, I know, a mare is a female horse.

But, ya know, after 3 very long days (and nights) of caring for a husband in intense pain after screwing up his back, I'm hardly compos mentis. In fact, I'm starting to think I've got grounds for justifiable homicide.

In other news, I put some new earrings in the shop, started some goal-making and ate pretty much everything in the house. And when that food was gone I baked some more. Awesome.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Verbs are doing words

Kinda loving - This chevron scarf found in RetroModernHats. I just need to come up with a sure-fire plan to win some lottery, turn pig-iron into gold, manifest my wish for a little extra moolah. You know what I mean.

Blowing - dandelions, yo! I tried to make a silly video for a friend, but the damn thing wouldn't detatch! It's not quite as whimsical and cute when you're huffing and puffing. Anyway. Dandelions are awesome. I say, grow where you like.

Patting - Myself on the back for digging up 'Cak!' by Alexei Sayle on vinyl, for $1 at a garage sale. I know old Alexei best from The Young Ones, and he's just a little bit terrifying, if you ask me. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Verbs are doing words

Sailing away over a year and a day... Not me, not this time, but happily I've finished the Max suit for Hayley's birthday, and I think she likes it... Let the wild rumpus begin!

Practising - On my little ukulele. I'm not... a natural. Let's gently put it that way. But I find a strange calm in just making sweet little noises, putting chords together, and finally  - ahem - 'perfecting' 'Happy Birthday' to play for my little monkeys' birthdays this year.

And I never realised how passionate folk can be about the little old uke! I was a little reticient to mention it at work, since music is the sword alot of my mates live and die by. But I shouldn't have worried - there's just encouragement all the way.

One friend even said that his parents were members of a weekly ukulele group. Awesome.

Drinking - Whiskey Gingers, or Gingey Whiskers, as I keep calling them! I saw a recipe for these warming drinks on A Beautiful Mess a little while ago, and yesterday, when I saw a great big hunk of sexy fresh ginger at a roadside stall, I snapped it up.

Yes, there was a grater injury. Not mine. But I do feel somehow responsible.

I've added about 10mL of Cointreau to the original Whiskey Ginger recipe, just for funsies. Anyway, I'd recommend this ginger syrup recipe, because it's versatile, and fiery, and delicious. The syrup is delicious as a cordial with soda water and shredded mint leaves and a smidgeon of lime. I suspect macadamia icecream with ginger syrup would be incredible, and wonder if I could incorporate it into meals as well.

Or, I'll just keep mixing up these delicious Gingey Whiskers!!!

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