Monday, January 17, 2011

Shopping high

Meet my latest Esty purchase. Alice in Wonderland by Fee Harding of Burntfeather. I'm a bit fixated on this artwork, which I purchased as an ACEO. Alice, like a lot of Fee's work, is brooding and maybe a little melancholy, and a welcome departure from the sugary (yet often adorable) images I see around the nets.

When I first read 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' by Lewis Carroll, I was about 11 years old, and even then I was struck by the delirious out-of-control-ness of the situation Alice found herself in, and the deep sense of being adrift in a strange world. I think Fee has captured some of this, and if you'd like to see more I recommend checking out Burntfeather.

Oh, and PS, don't forget to enter to win my sunshiney summer giveaway... we need all the sunshine we can get!

Monday, January 10, 2011

It's pink, punk.

Once considered only a colour for boys, since it was close to the manly hue of red, pink is now firmly entrenched on the other side of the gender divide. I thought pink was horrid as a teenager (I'd give the former me an A for effort for wearing all that black in our hot and sweaty Queensland climate), but now I see there's a place for it, if it's done right.

Apparently in India, pink is like our navy blue. I'm not sure where I heard that, but according to my parents, who have travelled quite a bit in India, colour is big. Very big. Whether it's on your house or your sari, colour is the go.                                  
cupcake from deadmarch  
pink balloon legs from sweetvanillaavalanche 
eiffel balloons from nouveau soleil 
pink tree lane from clandestineprize
all found via happythings 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

January giveaway...and a pinkie promise

Welcome to 2011 everybody! I hope you had a lovely Christmas, Hanukka, Festivus or whatever, and that your gifts were all thoughtful and handmade. I, frankly, had a shit time, and I'm really happy to be moving forward (as our glorious leader says) and getting on with the business of the new year.

Introducing my very first giveaway! I've had a blast putting this one together, with the idea of sunshine, relaxation and times when there is nothing at all on your mind but when your next Pina Colada will arrive.
So the lucky winner will receive...
  • Size 12 (Miss) 'Style' Beach dress pattern from god-knows-when, it looks very 80's to me
  • Sunshiney yellow button necklace with reclaimed hook closure (61cm or 24in)
  • Pink crochet bowl, 3 gold buttons and a Japanese fabric gift bag
  • Ombre palm tree brooch, made of plastic or lucite
  • Vintage cotton fabric with old-timey beachside design (53cmx112cm or 21inx44in)
  • Lolly pink cotton fabric (58cmx101cm or 23inx40in)

So here's the important bit. If you would like to win this parcel of summertime joy, complete with glitter, find me on Facebook, become a MiuAndUmi liker, and suggest to your best people that they like me too! Then just pop back here and tell me in the comments what summer is all about for you. Is it getting grass burns on the old slip-and-slide? Is it beers and silly hats around the barbie? Is it the hunt for the ultimate icypole flavour?

The lucky winner will be chosen at random when I reach 150 likers... so get clicking!

My wish is to drum up interest and energy, make lots of new friends in the online world and in the really real world too. With all the rain and the terrible flooding that has affected so much of our state, I feel it's only right to be pledging half of my sales from January to the flood relief appeal. Pinkie promise!
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