Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dads, hearts, treks, pods, paint and poor communication

 Oh hi! I've been making lots of stuff lately. I'm going to show it to you without lots of words, because my communication skills have been... not at their best lately?

Happy Father's day - I painted this for my dad, but he's been away on holidays, so he hasn't got it yet.

Happy Father's day - I painted this for C, he's not my dad, I realise that. But the kids think I'm now an amazing poet. (And I didn't even know it?)

 Heart cakes - for my beautiful Kirsty's birthday. We chowed heartily at YaYa, and discovered that dining with 6 children is not for the faint of heart.

Trekking with C, hunting for lost trolleys, finding them.

Et voila. Poor thing.

To throw or to glow? This table was on its last legs...sorry. But it was, so we chopped the legs down and hit it with the brightest yellow paint in existence. It's for the garden, so I can rest my drink.

Omg. Zinnia seedlings. You have no idea how much I'm goggling in anticipation of these flowers.

These nasturtium pods (poor man's capers) look super weird. They'd better be tasty.
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