Thursday, May 30, 2013

Taciturn at best


At home on this rainy old day. My little guy has a cough, so we're laying low, drinking herb tea.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I see red, I see red, I see red!

It's a lucky thing, I'm thinking, that I both like and own so much red. Wearing red every day, drumming up (some) funds to help Kiss Goodbye to MS, has seen me taking more selfies than I've ever taken before, and getting a weird amount of compliments about how smart I'm looking??!!

Perhaps I should wear red lipstick all the time? It's just so haaaaaarrrrrrrrd. (Boo hoo, all that checking and re-applying is terribly taxing.)


Yes! So far I've managed to raise $135 to go towards this very important cause. I know, to some, it may not seem like much, but if I'm uncomfortably honest with you, my shop has never made that much money in one month before. Nevvvvverrrrrrr. Um, not even close? So I'm wildly pleased! And crazy grateful to each person who made a purchase.

Especially this lady.

Thank you Em, you're the best.

So in amongst all this frantic self-photographing and garland making, I went out to a gig with my best guy and a rowdy bunch of extremely good-looking folk. We hit the Beetle Bar to catch Some Jerks, and as usual they made a lot of noise and forced us to dance with wild abandon. If you ever get a chance to catch these guys live, DO IT. Your ears and brain will thank you.

This track from their self-titled album is called So Long, and right now it's stuck in my head. Enjoy.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Kissing it goodbye

The first 8 days of May!

I'm wearing red every day of May to raise funds and awareness for Kiss Goodbye to MS, and donating 100% of my sales from Miu & Umi to this important cause. If you see something you'd like in the shop, know that with your purchase comes support for amazing research that could see more effective treatments and most importantly, a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.

Last month I was truly saddened by news of the death of Divinyls' lead singer Chrissy Amphlett, who lost her battle with breast cancer and MS. Ms Amphlett lived in our neighbourhood when we were kids, and Kirsty and I would stalk her in the supermarket, starstruck to see her shopping for groceries in her huge black suglasses. Growing up, we both loved her incredible fuck-you aura of rock posturing, appreciating that in Australian rock, chicks like her were supremely rare. She was tough and unapologetic and outrageously sexy, and probably could've taught young musicians a thing or two.

Kirsty's blog post on MS! The Musical talks about Chrissy Amphlett and MS, and affords a glimpse of her daily physical and emotional struggle. But somehow she still manages to be good-looking, hilarious and cool as shit? What's with that? She's pretty much the most mathematical person I know.

So, it's getting cooler and you know what that means... crochet, baby! I'm smashing out a bunch of heart garlands at the moment, and dreaming of big booty blankets and all the other cool stuff that can eventuate when hook meets yarn. If you'd like to order a garland, or have ideas for different colours, lengths, what have you, PLEASE let me know. That would be cool.

In other news - it's my birthday! Yay! Cue trumpets, confetti and balloons! Man, I'm getting so old, but I still feel like a spazzy teenager. What's with that?

I've already shared a giant Hershey Kiss with the kids (actually I nibbled the nub off the top, then the kids put their hands on it, and I know what they do with their little hands, ewwww, so the rest of the chocolate is now theirs. Too much knowledge is a burden.) But the best bit is that Cam gave me a frickin OVERLOCKERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Words can't express how much I've yearned for this. I'm practically beside myself! Now I have to learn how to make underwear, and t-shirts, and all kinds of crazy stuff. Omigod you guys.

Just awesome. Thank you Chrissy Amphlett.
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