Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Little cabin

Hey there! I had to take a little break while the whole family recovered from a wicked tummy bug, and now I realise how much I've missed sharing my snippets of frivolous frippery.
After attempting the granny square a few times and throwing my hook and yarn down in frustration, I tried it one more time, following a very simple set of instructions with lots of photos, and voila! I can do it! And now I can't stop doing it... thank you obsessive nature.
Today we set off on a hunt for bathroom fixtures, armed with measurements and a promise not to bicker. But before I go, I have to share this photo.
I think it speaks for itself - it's an absolute dream. Hand me a ginger beer with a sprig of mint, a copy of "The heart is a lonely hunter", and I'm in heaven.

(I've lost the link for this photo - if you know where it came from, please let me know!)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Loveheart cupcakes

Little Pompom turns 5, with a little sugary help from Enticing Icing. Thank you for the lovehearts Bel, they were delicious!
Fast on the heels of the 5th birthday, we celebrated the 7th of Ced, with a flaming rocket cake and the traditional birth stories.
"At this time, seven years ago, I was sitting in the bath at the Birth Centre..."
"...and Daddy rubbed my back and said I was beautiful and I growled at him to shut the damn hell up..."
"...and you took a deep breath and you roared!"
I enjoy this very much because I know that soon enough there will be no mystery surrounding where they came from, and they will NOT want to know the details of their entry into the world.

BiTM recap and even further back...

The old Brisbane Museum, Finders Keepers Brisbane City Hall, BrisStyle indie Twilight Markets
What a gorgeous night it was! All my scowling and fist-shaking at the grey skies really paid off - it was a warm, sunny afternoon and a glittering evening, complimented by a gentle breeze. The jazz band had us snapping our fingers and singing along, and the visitors to our stall were very friendly.
(I noticed a few surreptitious photos being taken, and I'm not the only one. It's simultaneously flattering... and a little annoying!)
My own photo documentation of the evening is this. One snap of the Town Hall. I did the same thing at the Finders Keepers markets. And I'm still having camera issues, so it's a surprise to even have these.
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