Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Picnic by the river

We mosied down to the river, not far from home, and took advantage of the happily (for us) under-used park. This park has no swings, just lots of trees for climbing, and calm river for gazing.
The home-made salami, tomato and cheese scrolls were gobbled up before I could even take a photo, which reminded me that sometimes it's nice to keep things basic. (Although I am inspired to put on a grand picnic now...)
Cam and I shared a beer and watched the kids run around like nuts, then he read Little Red Riding Hood to them while I watched the clouds sail overhead.
These truly are the days!
Are you enjoying the school holidays and making the most of this gorgeous winter weather?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Verabel + Fox and a cool A to Z

As with most things, I’m a little late jumping on the geometric design bandwagon. Apparently it’s big? Well, if there was such a thing as an actual geometric bandwagon, it would be fun, you could ride it, and it would be prettied up by Alyson Fox. How gorgeous is this colour study, called ‘Pattern 6’?
I first found Alyson’s work in the Etsy shop Verabel + Fox, where the colour studies and patterns can be seen as embellishment on vintage-style lockets. Alyson works with textile design too, as you can see in A Small Collection. Definitely worth a look!
It may be too late to enter the giveaway, but you can still read this cool A to Z from ReRead. The author is a fellow BrisStyler, but I do not know her name!

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