Monday, January 10, 2011

It's pink, punk.

Once considered only a colour for boys, since it was close to the manly hue of red, pink is now firmly entrenched on the other side of the gender divide. I thought pink was horrid as a teenager (I'd give the former me an A for effort for wearing all that black in our hot and sweaty Queensland climate), but now I see there's a place for it, if it's done right.

Apparently in India, pink is like our navy blue. I'm not sure where I heard that, but according to my parents, who have travelled quite a bit in India, colour is big. Very big. Whether it's on your house or your sari, colour is the go.                                  
cupcake from deadmarch  
pink balloon legs from sweetvanillaavalanche 
eiffel balloons from nouveau soleil 
pink tree lane from clandestineprize
all found via happythings 


  1. Beautiful photos! I was also a Brisbane "swampy", including the waist-length black hair (from a bottle) that I always wore down - not sure how I coped really! But now, with a little girl in the house, I've gone quite pink mad!

  2. I worked in the ice cream industry for years when I was young, and wore a lovely hot pink outfit from head to toe (yes, from the sunvisor to the socks!) It has only been in recent years that I have been able to return to pink after vowing to never ever wear it again! The right shade makes all the difference


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