Monday, January 11, 2010

See! She may never be the same! My dearest bestie Cass, playing with knives again.
With three weeks to go until we take off for France, I think I'm displaying the classic symptoms of travel anxiety. Writing a will, constantly revising my packing list, dreaming of sleeping in or missing trains and planes. Sitting bolt up-right in the middle of the night saying "Where am I?" Asking well travelled friends how many pairs of knickers I'll need, and wondering what people actually do on a flight that long.
And I can't decide which book to take. It's an important choice. My darling friend Cass took a copy of "The Shining" by Stephen King on a trip to the U.S., and is still scarred by the bathtub scene. I finished "Choke" by Chuck Palahnuik on a flight back from Tasmania, and let's just say I'll never look at airplane toilets the same way again!
So, suggestions please! Book me!

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