Saturday, May 7, 2011

Secret hideaways and a little bit of peace.

Sometimes, all I want is a quiet place to sit. Know what I mean?

When everything starts to feel a little hectic, I think it's important to acknowledge a basic need: peace.

I think peace is like chocolate. You only need a little bit, and it goes a long way. Just like a square of 85% cocoa Lindt! I love to nest in my bedroom, the calmest room of the house, with sunlight filtered through pale green curtains, a huge stack of mismatched cushions, a good book or fresh magazine and the latest crochet attempt. Add a little glass of red wine and it's heaven. But even if I don't have the time to luxuriate like Cleopatra, just five minutes in a quiet garden seems to help.

I think I'd be quite calm in a hanging lounger. What do you do when you need a little peace?


  1. Funny you should ask! I'm sitting on my back deck, catching some filtered Autumnal sun, flicking around on the interwebs, reading the week end papers and, importantly, I have some favourite CDs in the stereo creating a lovely soundtrack to help me escape to where special songs have a knack of taking me. PS Don't those tree pods look so inviting!?

  2. Hmmm ... I've got a couple of peace-and-quiet remedies.
    One is to go for a walk, either along the winding paths along the creek behind my house, or down along the waterfront at Sandgate. There's something about being near water and walking and nature that recharges my batteries - although it's often when I need it the most that I resist it!
    Also, sitting outside in my hammock, or watching a documentary.
    My ideas of bliss!

  3. Oh yes, those heavenly moments of peace. For me it comes when the little one is having her afternoon nap. I make a fresh cup of tea, grab a couple of bikkies and sit down with a magazine/paper/book for a few minutes to enjoy it before going back to work.


What say you?

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