Friday, November 25, 2011

How to make a straight-jacket, and so on.

Lolly badges... coming up in my shop

Thanks to Threadbanger for this tempting DIY on how to make a straight-jacket. Go crazy? Don't mind if I dooooo!

Did anyone see Johnny Depp on the Graham Norton Show? Could he be any more likeable? I love the stories of his friendship with Hunter S Thompson, especially the crazy stuff at Thompson's Colorado ranch. Even his funeral, ashes shot into the stratosphere by a cannon, was financed by Johnny Depp. Now I wonder if any of my friends love me enough to shoot me out of a cannon...

I'm looking forward to seeing if the film version of 'The Rum Diary' lives up to the hype. I loved the book, as I've loved all of Thompson's books.

Happy Gonzo Friday!

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