Monday, July 12, 2010

Ok, the camera issue is really beginning to make me cuckoo. I'm lusting after one of those DSLR with all the trimmings, but I'd settle for one with a viewfinder right now! If this photo doesn't make your eyes dance, congratulations.
We made the mad dash to the BrisStyle indie Eco Markets quite late in the day (as it was little Pom Pom's 5th birthday and we had to have pancakes for breakfast and choose the best birthday outfit) We had time to try a vegan hot-dog - quite tasty, and scoot around, ogling all the handmade goodness. As always, I developed a serious case of the wants, there were so many interesting, clever and eco-friendly items. I came away with a few lovelies, but could've bought alot more.
BiEM finds, clockwise from top left: "Brisbanesque" t-shirt transfer and Frida pendant, Ruby 2 Go-Go, Hair bands and pretty mosaic birds, Cairo Made That, Handwoven ecodyed silk headband, TrishAlan, divine Japanese fabric, Kimono Reincarnate.


  1. Glad you made and really glad you like the fabric! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  2. What a nice haul of stuff! Thanks for featuring my birds. I like the way they look against the background you have chosen

    cheers Catherine


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