Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Australian Women's Complete Household Guide 1953

Why ever would you throw this out? Doesn't every household need an in-depth textbook to refer to when building a house, lifting a stain from the carpet, making your own gloves or diagnosing poisoning by opium? There's a handy segment on writing business letters, although it does state that the 'average housewife' will not have much need to do such a thing.
There's plenty of sexist and condescending dark-ages writing to raise the ire of even the least militant feminist, but the most striking thing I've noticed is the all-encompassing nature of this book. I'm wondering if this is the birthplace of the over-achieving, do-it-all-and-look-impeccably-gorgeous uber woman?
All that aside, I'm in love with the Atomic Era look of these colour pages. Aren't they just too much?


  1. yeah, you're righ,t Atomic Era is an excellent look ... do you think it might influence your work? I might do a to do list in this style!


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