Monday, September 20, 2010

I do love a giveaway...

Kel from my new favourite green tea and red nails is holding a giveaway, ending at midnight tonight. You should take a peek at her blog while you are there - she has a vintage appeal and a fun approach to life.
And don't you love the late notice? It's in keeping with my general approach to life, but honestly, I am trying to be more organised. This generally manifests as scads of to-do lists which are lost almost immediately, but now that the entire household has escaped the clutches of a foul and long-lasting flu, I am energised and ready to get serious.
A wise person, Tara of the awesome Scoutie Girl recently said that accountability forces the hand of creativity. Which I took to mean if you speak your goals aloud, you become accountable for seeing them through. Rather than being some hazy, day-dreamy idea which is allowed to evaporate like mist on a sunny morning, you are obliged to honour your plan.
I find this idea appealing, and a touch confronting, but I'm ready to put it to the test.
Here and now, I'm stating my intention to you:

I will write everyday
I will post a quality piece of writing once a week

Phew. I was about to write a third intention, but maybe I should walk before I run.

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