Thursday, October 28, 2010

Boy, did I lose my temper.

So I'm building the dog house, unable to get the last piece into place. I struggle for half an hour, getting sweaty and more and more frustrated. The kids circle me, entertained, making suggestions and when Cedric tells me I should wait for daddy because he’s strong, I order them to go jump on the trampoline.
The puppy just  lay on the grass watching me with mild interest.
No matter what I did, no matter which angle I tried, I could not get that final part into position.
It was only when I lost my cool altogether, stamping my feet and storming away, leaving a puzzled puppy and a half-made hound house, that I realised that sometimes I need help. Not just help putting together dog houses, but help finding my voice, being the artist I want to be, and creating a successful business.
Don’t we all need help sometimes?
Do you seek help when you need it? Who do you ask?

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