Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mental health day

I never worked in a place where 'mental health days' could be taken if you were feeling stressed, but I like the sound of it. So I'm taking one today. Giving myself permission to be a slacker. My body is telling me I'd be wise to listen sooner rather than later - stress-induced lock-jaw, anyone?

Prep for the Twilight market is coming along well, although I'm still waiting on a few parcels of supplies, which is a little worrisome. I've made more of my cute little heart earrings, which sold out last time, and some simple ribbon-tied fabric gift bags (adorable and re-usable - better than paper wrapping!)  I've had lots of fantastical ideas for my stall set-up, but keep reminding myself there'll be time for that next year. Focus!

Photos: family ramble around the lakes. I'm deeply in love with the Hipstamatic app for the iPhone. Instant vintage!

Coming soon: I'll tell you just how I fared in my mission to buy BrisStyle this Christmas.

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  1. I'm a big fan of the mental health day. A happy worker is a productive worker, and sometimes a 'me' day is just the ticket to getting back on track.


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