Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Red by three

I'm a little low on energy due to a lovely little headcold, and the best colour for giving energy is red!

Red is hot, red is strong. The cultural signifigance varies across the globe, but you can be guaranteed the meaning or emotion attributed to red is always a powerful one. Love, hate, passion and pain can all be conveyed with this feisty primary colour.

When I wear my favourite red scarf I feel more confident, and sometimes simply putting on red lipstick is all I need to do for a boost.

Red is considered a healing colour too. I'm hoping these little dashes of red will get me out of my slump!


  1. Ugh there's nothing worse than a cold in summer. Sending you many red thoughts.

  2. It worked Chrissy - thanks a mill! Now I just have an itchy-scratchy throat... maybe I'll do a post on smooth things? I loved your "Aches and pains" post...very timely!


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