Tuesday, February 22, 2011


It comes as no surprise that the new 'mook' - magazine/book from the creators of Frankie mag is completely gorgeous. The large format Spaces is filled with the places 'where creative people live, work and play', and regular readers of Frankie might even recognise a few of the photos from previous issues. 
Spaces is hefty. It's a relaxed coffee table book. It invites you in and asks you to take your time. I love how it catches the feeling of each dwelling and workspace. (The Etsy lab? Seriously, I'd be their in-house baker and coffee/tea lady in a heartbeat.)
In a strange way, even though there are so many divine designer items and unique features that I'll never call my own, I'm comforted by the realness of most of the spaces: they aren't glossy and perfect, there's some really wacky shit that folks live with every day. Franklie, these people are my people.


  1. i love 'spaces'! i have flicked through it dozens of times but am still looking forward to sitting down and really reading it - i job for the holidays me thinks :)

    Kel x

  2. It has layers! The quick flick right through to sitting down with a pot of tea.


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