Thursday, March 10, 2011

A lounge, a yurt, a studio

So, I'm at home today, playing nurse for my poor mister, who was hit by a car on Tuesday. He was just riding his bike home from work, and a silly car wasn't paying attention. He's a bit banged up, with a nasty gash on his face, but I can't stop myself from saying to him again and again "I'm so glad you're ok!", because I know it could've been SO much worse. You've got to count your luck, don't you?

These photos are from a slowly expanding collection of places to envy, to covet, to admire... how about the lounge with the vines on the wall and the gorgeous sunlight streaming in? The yurt from Goulburn Yurtworks is so rustic and classy, and the studio workspace is courtesy of Sweet William, the dreamy result of what two awesome sisters can do. You should definitely check out their Etsy store too, for prints of original artworks but Paula Mills.

Stay safe - you are very important!


  1. They are gorgeous rooms to dream about, one day maybe! Hope your man recovers quickly. My man used to ride everyday into the city to work, so glad he doesn't ride anymore

  2. Love the images! Hope your man is a happier budgerigar soon!

  3. Oh melanie, I do your guy is doing better. That's just awful and must have given both of you a terrible fright. Hopefully his 'nurse' is taking good care of him.

    Love all these rooms. Friend of mine just built a yurt - I've seen the pics but can't wait stop inside. I just love the geometric beauty of the structure. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Update: mister is healing nicely and back at work... the bike is another story. Thanks for your well wishes - I do believe they make a difference!

  5. Hold dooly! Top room! Top room!
    Such beautiful, airy photos :)


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