Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wild animals, Love and some science

We were visited by a pod of dolphins at the beach on Monday. There was not another soul around, and the dolphins came within 6 feet of the shoreline, right in front of us! For a moment we worried they were beaching themselves, but I guess they were just saying hi. I followed along the beach as they leapt and belly-flopped in the chilly water, and felt quite lucky for the rest of the day.
I saw the 'Love' graffiti later that day, written in a footpath in Red Hill, and had to get a quick snap.

The kids and I were reading about bioluminescence the other day, which is the natural occurence of visible light created in the cells of animals and plants. I knew deep-sea creatures and some fungus could do this cool trick, but I didn't imagine there were scientific forays into things like glowing trees to line highways! Or how about novelty pets that glow in the dark? Creepy! The concept that really got me was bio-identifiers for escaped convicts! Wow. How would Richard Kimble get away if he was lit up like a Christmas tree?

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  1. Too cute. I do love a pod of dolphins. I always find myself making Flipper noises. They are clever, but I don't think they understand me - I think my accent's probably too strong!


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