Monday, August 8, 2011

Beanie FAIL and some un-natural cupcakes

Oh well, I guess I had to be wrong at some point.
The beanie ended up felting beautifully, but it's just too big and slightly fluted. I'm thinking it will make a fairly decent cloche-style hat for moi! Way to turn a FAIL into a WIN!
Photos to follow...

In other news, it's been birthday season, again. Vanilla cupcakes, a princess cake, a pavlova, all as requested by the children. There've been a few misty eyed moments and a battle for ownership of the remote control helicopter. Some of the best perks of being a parent are playing with the toys (it's called 'making sure it works'!) and watching all the latest Pixar movies without looking like a weirdo at the cinema.
Oh, and the love! 


  1. Oh my, look at those cupcakes! Turquoise?! You had me at 'hello'!
    I must admit I too am looking forward to the toys and movie thing - I do it anyway, but now I have a legitimate excuse other than being a big ol' kid at heart!
    Thanks so much for the beautiful comment on my blog too xxxxxx

  2. The cupcakes were even more vivid.Instagram really calmed the colour down! I have noticed your love of turquoise...:)
    I feel, especially when it comes to babies, women have to stick together. You're totally welcome.

  3. beanie fail? where is?


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