Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy non-denominational day of gift-giving and eating, y'all!

Artwork by Prynn

You've guessed by now I have not a breath of religion in my body. I also have no need to debate it, throw food scraps on door-to-door bible bashers or make a pilgrimage to Nietzsche's grave.
I'm just not a subscriber. 
But I do love a public holiday, and a chance to get all the family together.

I've made some tasty chocolates, most of which have been devoured by a husband with absolutely no remorse.

The muffin-mould worked a treat for the cranberry, almond and crunchie choc trees.

But the peppermint icing trees were a sad, floppy and totally irresistable failure.

We also discovered Krampus! The Alpine region anti-Santa, who made naughty children rue their wickedness with taste-testers of hell! Brrr, he's a looker alright. The Krampus Christmas cards of the past are a far cry from the snow-flakes and rosy-cheeked Santas of now.
I'd love to know if terrorising children in this manner actually made them behave?

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