Wednesday, December 28, 2011

This one's for all you Santas out there...

Think The Cramps said it got gooooood taste!

Thank you Santa (aka best hobo ever) for my awesome new laptop that I neverrrrr dreamed I'd have, and thank you Secret Santa (aka Mumma Sue, aka Suzie Wong) for making me smell like a mental problem ... Obsession!

I'm a hair-trigger sneezer of the highest order, but since the latest gifts of some really gorgeous bottles of smell, denial isn't just a river in Egypt. Obsession has always made me think of my best peep Cass, and now when I wear it, it's like she's right with me! Hypnôse does the same for my sis. And even though my mum has preferred sandalwood for at least 5 years, whenever I get a hint of Youth Dew, she springs to mind. The human brain is a funny thing.

Speaking of obsession and smelly things, have you read 'Perfume' by Patrick Süskind? This novel delves deeply into the powerful sway of the olfactory sense over one freakishly sensitive blood-hound of a man who goes to spectacular lengths to create the perfect scent. It's a spiral of desperation and murder with an incredible ending, and I highly recommend it.

Sooo, what did Santa bring you?


  1. awww Youth Dew reminds me of my nan as does Samsara. I love wearing them even though I am walking around smelling like my Nan.. but that's why I do it. Beautiful memories and it's amazing how much a smell can recall a person so vividly. Also on Perfume - I saw the movie which was beautiful and mega creepy - I will have to read the book too!
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

  2. Christmas was lovely, and I'm very glad it's over!
    How's this for a cool olfactory fact... "While our DNA contains 3 receptor genes for vision and 5 for taste, smell has 350 odor-receptor genes, suggesting that nature designed us to be not only more receptive to scent but more affected by it as well."


What say you?

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