Thursday, March 29, 2012

Verbs are doing words

Bursting! - with pride. My brother Steen Jones and his partner Melissa Findley have released a video of Steen's latest and greatest project... Huge walls at the Rose St Artist Market in Melbourne, all painted up gorgeously, and filmed with impeccable style by Melissa. EEeeeeeee!

Snickering - at my little boy's note, left on my bedside table. He LOVES to play computer games. When I told him I didn't own my own computer until I was in my twenties, he finds it incredible. Boy, how the times are racing...

Watching - this video from Walk Off The Earth, doing a Gotye cover. I found this one via Mad Mim, and have watched/listened to it a few times now. Five people playing one guitar! There's something captivating about watching a crew who are all on the same track and creating something with the same level of commitment. Except for the guy in the beanie. He looks as if he's trying to remember if he turned off the iron.

So the Easter holiday is upon us, busy roads, kids to entertain and the constant spectre of chocolate eggs. I'm making chocolates this year, and keeping it as simple as humanly possible. How about you?

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  1. A friend put me onto this video, really cool, but I still love Gotye and Kimbra, not sure much could beat that. yes, I know all playing one guitar. ... but Gotye's voice!!! It's incredible!

    Love the note about computers from your son. Cute, but in one of those "sigh" kind of ways! haha! Is that what I have to look forward to with my max?



    by b and e


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