Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Oh, such a lovely day. Playing in the park, basking in the dappled light, noshing out on sushi, painting fingernails with my daughter and being fiercely squeezed by my son. (He's almost nine, so everything he does is a little fierce!)

I took some photos of the kids climbing trees, but they move so much and never do a 'nice''s always a crazy face with the tongue and the cross-eyes...

I didn't visit my mum, since she has some kind of gross cold. So I sent my love down the telephone line, and felt sooky for a second or two.

As usual, I concluded very quickly that my problems are miniscule. I send my love out to all the new mums out there who might be having a rough day, and those who've lost their mum, and even those who would give a limb to be a mother... big hugs. XXX

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