Sunday, June 3, 2012

Space Cadet

So, I'm not expecting a call from NASA anytime soon, but I am, without a doubt, an honest-to-goodness space cadet. With the many thrills of May (the birthday month in my family), my birthday party at Ya Ya Bar, a computer on the fritz and a huge sausage sizzle for the Kiss Goodbye to MS appeal, it's been a blur.

I completely forgot that I had an article published in *bespoke* zine. Who forgets something like that??? And then I found a mention of my article on Her Library Adventures, a blog I really admire, so I ran around in circles for about two days, then forgot about that too! I think it may be time to focus on some memory exercises...

These are just a few images from the last month...
a walk around the lakes on the way to school on my birthday,
the gorgeous balloons I bought to match my party dress,
the absolutely gorgeous A Skulk of Foxes clock given to me by the absolutely gorgeous Buzzstop crew,
playing in the leaves,
the wildly overgrown view from my verandah, which I love even though I'm sure the neighbours are tutting in disapproval.

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