Monday, June 11, 2012

The Den of Iniquity

Cleaning up in the messy and neglected room downstairs... (I feel a little pretentious calling it a studio, but 'workroom' makes it sound unfun, and 'craftroom' makes me sound like a total wally. But calling it 'the room downstairs' makes it sound... creepy? ) (I once called it 'my girl cave', but the horrified look that provoked was enough to make sure I never say that again!)

The Event Horizon? Time does tend to lose all meaning when I'm in there...Fortress of Solitude? Um, no...The Den of Iniquity? Well, sometimes I do feel a little bit wicked and immoral, surrounded by fabrics and supplies, plotting my planetary takeover...

Do you have a room? Does it have a name? Am I overthinking this just a little?


  1. I don't have a room. I have a desk in my husband's studio, and I have the couch. I wish I had a room.

  2. Ai ya, now I feel like a brat! I wish I could share my room with you Sally, but I think your work would put me to shame. By the way, congratulations on little Squidlet, you must be sooo excited!


What say you?

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