Monday, November 5, 2012

Broken old things, Rookie, Food up close and so on

An unexpected gift from my mother-in-law... beautiful old things!!!
I'm in diamante heaven, pretty pleased to be caretaker of an incredible collection of mid-century jewellery. They definitely deserve to be photographed and catalogued, and I'm wondering where I'd look to learn more about them...
So I stumbled across this essay, Outsider-Insider by Jenny Zhang, posted on Rookie, and immediately fell in love. Jenny writes lonely teenage weirdo from a really familiar place, and manages to make it both bitingly nostalgic and deliciously vindicating. 
And look at FOOD UP CLOSE! A series of amazing magnifications of eatables by Caren Alpert. Wow, and ew, and mmmmm. Amazing, and I am never eating prawns again. Vom.
And finally, this. Just watch it, dammit. I hollered until I cried when I first saw this clip... finally someone is as passionate (and dorky) about op-shopping as meeeeeeee! What what?

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