Saturday, November 10, 2012

Drama! Love! And a Hinagiku dress...

Oh boy, this dress is cute. Found at Summerland, a place that sounds really pleasant and always seems to have awesome vintage stuff that I want. And how cute is the model? Killer.

I just have to say how great issue 50 of Frankie is. From the incredibly tactile front cover (yes, I've done it an injustice here) which makes me think more than ever that I really need more embroidery in my life*, to the jam-packedness of the thing. Just heaps of rad stuff, recipes, interviews and those delicious essays on random subjects that always seem to mirror something that's happening in my life. (Cheers Marieke Hardy, like, all the time.) Oh, and more beautiful artwork from Mel Stringer, who I met in person a little while ago at a BrisStyle twilight market (and discovered she's so freaking nice!)

In light of the last couple of weeks, no, months, I present to you 'Anything, anything (I'll give you)' by Dramarama. Cinéma Vérité was a cassette (yep, I'm that old) that got such a work-out in my teenage years that it ended up all stretched out and wobbly sounding.
It's been a dramarama around here just today! I locked up my brakes on the rainy drive to work, and that seemed to spark a series of little dramas at work... all entertaining, and at least nobody got hurt. :)

*I learned to stop worrying and love my dorkiness. Why fight it? Amiright?

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