Sunday, December 2, 2012

Xmas decorations and I get a little personal

Paper cut garland from Nippykat on Etsy. Pretty, no?

It's December. Today, we make the decorations.

We have what is possibly the most rustic, yet well-intentioned advent 'calendar' EVER. (Made mostly by me) and some beautiful paper chains from the kids. The tree is yet to go up, because it is so hot that any movement that doesn't involve a cold beverage and my mouth makes me want to scream. My eyelashes are sweating, and it's only the second day of Summer.*

(And to get a little personal, I have the red devil in my belly**, so you'd better not even look at me without telling me I'm the empress of the universe or putting chocolates in my mouth or my eyes will shoot you with laserbeams made of bees and female rage. Just saying.)

A close-up of the advent calendar I made. It has lollies in it, so it's OK

*It's 31° in the shade.

**This genius bit of phrasing isn't mine, I stole it from New Girl. If you have a problem with that write it down and put it in your mum's tights.

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