Monday, December 31, 2012

Resolutions are bound to fail

Allow me to clarify.
For me, resolutions are always bound to fail.
I say "I'm going to eat only healthy food and do yoga everyday" Bound to fail.
I say "I'm going do blah-di-blah that is proper going to make my life perfect! Happy New Year!"
Bound to FAIL.
Resolutions are harsh and backward-looking, kind of like a passive-aggressive aquaintance who tells you your hair looks so much better now than it did when you were blonde...
I prefer goals and plans, and I have a tonne of them. Just thinking about them excites me.When the time is right, I'll probably share a lot of them here.
And for now, as always, I just want flowers in my hair!
Au revoir 2012, it's been real.

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