Saturday, December 29, 2012

Yeah, we call it 'Chritmas'

A plan for a fun family Chritmas.
Step 1 - come up with a plan. Mexican? Done.

 Step 2 - Make a big ass piñata, with many debates on geometry, physics and lolly choices.
Step 3 - Cover the piñata in a bunch of shiny stuff. Oh, and bake a truckload of delicious Mexican food like chimichangas, taco salads, chilli salads and cheesy corn bakes, and make a vat of pineapple infused tequila for daquiris.

Step 4 - Gather the fam (kids first, of course) and smack the everloving crap outta that bad boy. Hit him with a big stick, and don't stop until he gives up the goods!
Step 5 - Pool. Lazing. Veuve Clicquot. C.W. Stoneking. Aah.

Step 6 - Catch a Summer cold. Don't actually do this part, it's NOT recommended at all. The sniffling, and the coughing, not so good. But we were joking about this song today, so here it is.
Merry belated Chritmas to you and yours. Can you believe it's almost 2013?

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