Wednesday, June 9, 2010

BrisStyle Markets

Kirsty, Melanie (I love the weird reflection on my lips! A bit Gaga?) and Cass

What a gorgeous day! The sun was shining, the stalls and stallholders all looked wonderful, and the sausages were piping hot. The grounds at St Augustines in Hamilton were perfect, leafy and relaxed. We had stripped off our scarves and coats by 9am, and joked with a couple of BrisStylers who were trying to thaw out because their stalls were in the shade.

In between chatting and laughing with shoppers I managed to have a quick look around and buy some gorgeous things. There were plenty more that I would've loved to grab, if only I had the money! For now I must stick to cute fridge magnets, like this one from Pannikin

I also met the delightful Natalie from Miss Dish, who makes the most amazing hairpieces and jewellery. I can certainly see one of her creations adorning my tresses, perhaps the "Black and Gold Baby"?

There were so many remarkable people and covetable artworks, I intend to talk about it way more. But today I must prepare to host playgroup in my tiny house... ten small children and their mums? No problem!

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  1. Hi Melanie, Loved meeting you at the BrisStyle markets. I love your gorgeous handmade rings and jewellery. Love Miss Dish x


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