Sunday, November 7, 2010

BiECO compost

Oh, I know it's a dreadful photo, but I fell in love with the head-dresses from Wimcee. I bought one for each of the chilblains and couldn't resist putting one on and doing the woo-woo-woo hand over the mouth.
(This is possibly very non-PC, and if so, sorry. My aim is hardly ever to offend.)

The market day flew by in a blur of friendly faces, mile-a-minute chatting and some truly fab shopping. Luckily I had my two best peeps in the world, Kirsty and Cass to mind the stall while I bought up big.

Melanie (or is it John?) from Kimono Reincarnate held a most incredible sale of her fabric from Japan, and I think I managed to stay pretty calm in the face of so much glorious colour and pattern. And it was great to learn that I'm not the only one who hesitates to cut into something so beautiful.

Alas, there was no time to join in the 'softie workshop' with Teneale from Wicked Child Designs, so I bought one to go. I sewed him up today and attached his button eyes, and now I just need to think of his name...

Megan from Meggy Green and her cutie-pie daughter Ella were great neighbours, and I'm happy to have found my new fave place for sweet retro and Little Golden book covered notebooks. Love love love!

Highlight of the day? Music 4 U playing 'Crafty Lady' to the tune of Jimi Hendrix' 'Foxy Lady'.

My little slice of heaven - Miu And Umi


  1. So happy you enjoyed the head-dress yourself before handing it over! Just so love BiECO!!!
    Steph (wimcee)

  2. I know Steph... and you've got me thinking about teepees too!


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