Sunday, January 8, 2012

I once ran away from colour...

I've always shied away from wearing colour. From my delightfully moody teen years, where it was black, black and a little more black, to hitting the mid-thirties and embracing the forgiving qualities of that darkest hue, black has been the staple of my wardrobe.

But...there's so much colour creeping in at the edges. I'm feeling like perhaps I've been too hasty. There's a world of eye-popping technicolour out there...

This is what happens when hundreds of kids are given thousands of stickers... at the GOMA until March 2012. Absolutely stunning art installation by Yayoi Kusama.

Color Me Katie is an example of extreme colour love. This adorable chick literally surrounds herself with every colour there is, and makes you want to do all her fun little DIYs too. Katie also has a community-based outlook with an emphasis on sharing that is really infectious!

Street art can be good. Street art can be bad. Shall we debate? I just know that if I discovered a rainbow on my fence, I probably wouldn't be too upset!


  1. I have always worn black too.I am liking nude coloured shoes for my feet. Am I mad? I just really like it all of a sudden. Maybe it's because I look taller and you have to concentrate to really know if I am wearing shoes or not (I am of short stature). I really think it works! Also, what are your thoughts on radio piracy? I want to start my own underground station.

  2. tips then? Kpow!

  3. Well, I'm hardly a fashionista, but I've noticed nude shoes are very 'on trend', as they say. :) As for the pirate radio station, this could only be a good thing. Have you seen Pump Up The Volume? Come on.
    I say yes to this kind of piracy. And no to this kind of piracy...


What say you?

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