Monday, January 7, 2013

Get your 365 outta my face! Or, before and after - Door

So, I'm crazy with the goal setting and making things happen right now. The start of the year feels full of promise, and I guess part of that is this article I read recently from, which really lit a fire under my butt. I blathered on about it until friends were rolling their eyes. Don't care!
You should read this thing and then come back to me.Go!

And now, all these awesome people in blogland aiming to kick out an incredible 365 project, I guess that makes me feel ... inadequate? And then I thought, the heck with that, I'd last 3 days. What about a 52 project? Mmmmm! Now you're talking!
I had a little paint left over from sprucing up an outdoor bench, and couldn't resist taking down the Amy Blackwell poster from the last Frankie mag and getting a bit dotty.

I started hesitantly. A few dots.
And before I knew it - bam! It was raining!

I love the way the door looks now. And I've got to say, it feels damn good just to be doing something. And more to the point, finishing something. Can I keep it up for 52 weeks?
Did you notice the Tavi on the wall?



  1. gosh you're gorgeous Mel ...

    So's the door :-)

  2. Oh Cat, you're too kind!
    What should you be doing right now?:)


What say you?

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