Thursday, January 31, 2013

Project 3 Chalkboard globe - Circumnavigation!


Well, project number 3 taught me one thing: I may come from a long line of globe-trotters, but I am no good at geography. Or is it cartography? Both?

I'm super pleased with the final result. When the original paper map finally disintegrated and fell off this old family hand-me-down, it was a pity. It's been sitting downstairs, all naked and neglected, for years.

Cue brain wave!

Chalkboard globe! Draw your own planet Earth! Or any planet, I guess...
Look how big Australia is!
Anyhoos, this project was fairly straightforward. Start with redundant globe-type-thing.
Clean it thoroughly and give it a good sanding. The globe is made of thick old-school plastic, and scuffed up quite well to hold the paint. Always wipe with a clean damp cloth after sanding to remove grit.

You need to have all your equipment ready and at hand. This, I have learned by NOT doing. Realising you don't have mineral turpentine when you're covered in enamel paint is not a good thing.

I was painting inside because of the horrible weather, but I made sure to have ventilation. The fumes from the paint are a little intense.

I roughly masked the areas I didn't want to get paint on, mixed the paint well and got to work! I followed the instructions on the paint tin, and had my fingers crossed the paint wouldn't just bead off the plastic.

Two coats and some horrible weather and flooding later, and it was all ready for chalk! And my dubious efforts at drawing our kooky wide brown land.

Photobomb! My little mate, being super cute and also seeing what was for dinner.
Coming next... Project 4!

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