Monday, February 11, 2013

Project 5 - I am the jean genie!

No, I'm not strung out on lazers and slash-back blazers. I've just got busy with a bunch of old jeans.

It's 501 city in the bedroom now! This west facing window lets in so much unrelenting sun and heat in the afternoons, and after looking at the price of blockout blinds, I knew I had to do something myself. This is the upside of never throwing anything away... four old pairs of dark denim was enough to make this rough-edged curtain.

I just cut off the legs below the crotch, split them lengthways and sewed them together. Adding a generous pocket for the rod to slide through means that I can slide it to one side easily. And call me lazy, but when I hung the curtain to check the hemming length, I decided it looked better unhemmed.

It's kinda random and messy, but then, so am I! Yay!

Project 5, done and dusted. Jean Genie, let yourself go!

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