Monday, February 18, 2013

Project 6 - I think I'm turning Japanese!

Well, maybe not, but I'm trying something new! My plan this week is to try something I've never done before. So here it is, ladies and germs! Gyozaaaaaaa!
I had a sneaky feeling that I'd have a hard time finding the gyoza wrappers, but I shouldn't have doubted Fred at the local Indian/Asian grocery store. (Every time he sees me, he asks me what I'm cooking today, and when it comes to advice on cooking perfect authentic Indian food, he's the best!)

Since it was the first time, I googled around for different takes on making gyoza. This recipe from Steamy Kitchen was the most helpful. I just followed the directions, making the pork and vegetable recipe.

I served up the gyoza with a soy and sesame oil dipping sauce, shiro miso, steaming edamame and sake! Of course we had to do the chanting, just like at Harajuku Gyoza
Dekimasu sake! Kampai!.

And I can't forget the dessert, which was vanilla icecream with blueberries, served in a chocolate bowl! I dipped balloons in melted chocolate and chilled them until they firmed up. Then I popped the balloons and voila! Edible icecream bowls! (Which I then served in bowls... )

So that's Valentine's dinner AND project 6, done and dusted. I wonder what I'll do next.

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